Reference Space

Reference spaces are data objects that represent spaces which are used for absolute positions. Using these reference spaces, absolute positions created in a different space can easily be identified and transformed to the global reference space created when building a model.

import { ReferenceSpace, LengthUnit, AngleUnit } from '@openhps/core';
const refSpace = new ReferenceSpace(model.referenceSpace)
.translation(10, 10, 0)
.scale(1, 1, 0)
.rotation({ x: 0, y: 0, z: 0, unit: AngleUnit.RADIAN });

Geospatial Places

Geospatial places are supported using the @openhps/geospatial module. This module provides the concept of SymbolicSpaces that extend on reference spaces.

import { Absolute2DPosition, GeographicalPosition } from '@openhps/core';
import { Building, Floor, Room } from '@openhps/geospatial';
const building = new Building("Pleinlaan 9")
topLeft: new GeographicalPosition(
50.8203726927966, 4.392241309019189
width: 46.275,
length: 37.27,
rotation: -34.04
const floor = new Floor("3")
const office = new Room("3.58")
new Absolute2DPosition(4.75, 31.25),
new Absolute2DPosition(8.35, 37.02),
const lab = new Room("3.58")
new Absolute2DPosition(13.15, 31.25),
new Absolute2DPosition(25.15, 37.02),